S1E15 - The Good News of Meditation

June 20th, 2017 · 27 mins 3 secs

About this Episode

Conference speaking is over for now. Jamie gave talks at a few different conferences over the last few weeks, and Keith gave his first two conference talks at BeerCityCode. All of the talks went well, and now it's back to building up their businesses.

Keith's Last 2:

  • Successfully delivered two conference talks
  • NPM sucks
  • Coderjourney.com redesign launched
  • Snagged some domains for the web apps I’m working on (submissions & lectern)
  • Didn’t quite finish form submissions but implemented user registration/account management + Form creation in about 2 hours.

Keith's Next 2:

  • Put up landing pages for submissions and lectern to drive some traffic to and gauge interest
  • Finish Form submission handling to send emails
  • Start working on UI (currently using unstyled HTML)

Jamie's Last 2:

  • Small Tatsu bug fixes
  • Tatsu billing email
  • Callback serializer

Jamie's Next 2:

  • Callback
    1. Finish serializer
    2. Finish authenticated header (current user)
    3. List job runs
    4. Maybe launch in beta?????
  • Tatsu
    1. Finish billing email
    2. Participant Vacation
    3. Synchronous engine
    4. Maybe Alexia skill???

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