S2E11 - Chuck a Tarball

July 17th, 2018 · 32 mins 58 secs

About this Episode

Jamie - Completed

  • Chronic
    • Started working on GraphQL implementation around the current user
    • Decided that we will require a sign up/registration on launch
  • Talk

Jamie - Next Sprint

  • Chronic
    • Finish replacing current REST API with GraphQL
    • Implement workflows
  • Talk
    • Giving the How to Build an WebSocket API in Elixir at KCDC
    • Give the Introducing Juvet talk at MiddevCon

Keith - Completed

  • Chronic
    • Bailed on trying to use Habitat for deployment. Not ideal for stateful applications with hot code reloading.
    • Configured CircleCI for CI and soon continuous deployment
    • Went down the rabbit hole that is deploying OTP applications
    • Continued codifying our infrastructure since I didn’t do that when I first deployed our staging server.

Keith - Next Sprint

  • Chronic
    • Finish configuration management, deploying OTP releases, and continuous deployment.
    • Actually work on the application.
  • Move into new house