S2E7 - First Chat of 2018

April 17th, 2018 · 29 mins 23 secs

About this Episode

Keith - Last 4 or 5 Weeks

  • Lots of work stuff
  • Started working on the "Workflow" portion of Chronic doing a little a day by live streaming (on Twitch). Going a little slow because he's a little rusty with Elixir.
  • S2E6 became the first official "lost episode".

Keith - Next 2 Weeks

  • Get re-acquainted with Elixir to be productive again when working on Chronic.
  • Get the first iteration of Chronic workflows into review.
  • Pivot CoderJourney videos and hopefully release the first new "What is X and How Does It Work?" video.

Jamie - Last 4 or 5 Weeks

  • Launched beta of asynchronous standups for Tatsu
  • New Company ** Name Agreed On ** LLC Created ** Logo will be presented this coming week
  • Workshop ** No one signed up :( ** What can be done to get people to sign up? ** Will be conducting this workshop in Nashville
  • Worked from iPad while his computer was being repaired ** Used Blink
  • Love for Dropbox Paper is growing.

Jamie - Next 2 Weeks

  • Finish UI for asynchronous standups in Tatsu
  • Finish Gotcha API
  • Launch New Company
  • Start/Stop time for Chronic web UI.