S2E8 - Straight Geocities for a Moment

May 3rd, 2018 · 31 mins 4 secs

About this Episode

Jamie - Last Sprint

  • Basement finally getting work done
  • Chronic
    • Paired on workflow architecture and implementation
  • Tatsu
    • UI for asynchronous standups (complete not deployed)
    • Working on some edge cases
  • New Company
    • Logo created
  • Talk
    • Finished API
  • Reading Deep Work

Jamie - Next Sprint

  • Tatsu
    • UI for asynchronous standups deployed and additional people using it
    • Flipper changed to use Flipper Cloud
  • Talk
    • Website created
    • Schedule local workshop
    • Branding / mobile app update
  • Chronic
    • Start/stop timer on the web

Keith - Last Sprint

  • Didn’t stream as much as I had planned, been learning more elixir off-air
  • Sat down with Jamie and hashed out our architecture plans for a “Workflow”
  • Learning more and more Chef

Keith - Next Sprint

  • Finish initial Workflow implementation
  • Stream at least twice a week for each week between recordings