S1E16 - Game Changer

July 4th, 2017 · 26 mins 13 secs

About this Episode

Another episode and another two weeks that didn't go as expected. Keith decides to give a binge watching option to his tutorial views and shelves submissions for a few weeks. Jamie runs into the complications that come along with conversation UIs as he implements vacation mode into Tatsu.

Keith’s Last 2:

  • Decided that when the time comes, I will use lead pages for my new product landing pages to save myself some time.
  • Didn’t finish the Form submission handling because I distracted myself with a new idea.
  • Made a good deal of progress on building a course catalog and sales platform for CoderJourney courses and early access tutorial series.

Keith’s Next 2:

  • Finish course platform for CoderJourney and complete the move off of Teachable.
  • Launch the remainder of the React tutorial series in early access.

Jamie's last 2

  • Tatsu
    • Finished billing email
    • More teams on Callback
    • Vacation time
    • Guides
  • Moved into office

Jamie's next 2

  • Tatsu
    • Asynchronous engine
    • Launching early standup
    • Guides
  • Callback
    • Serializer